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Share Your Blue Cow Story

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    Blue Cow Story Example

    A department of Women in need

    When we moved our department back into the hospital we had to obtain cubicles and office equipment for our new area.  I worked with Porter’s Office Products to find the right fit for our department.  A Sales Representative helped us pick what would work for our needs and also went over and above the call of duty for a department of women trying to decide on colors/texture etc.  We made him redo our quote several times to find just what we were looking for.

    He was able to negotiate a shipping time that would meet our needs and the colors that we wanted.  We had a very tight schedule but we were able to get everything installed in a timely manner and ready for our move.

    After the installation we had a problem with a locking drawer and he was able and willing to help us out with that even though he technically was done with his part of our install.  What great Service!

    -Story contributed by Sandra O Johnson