Meet Cindy: Our Epic Jack-of-All Trades and Her History

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Meet Cindy, our office’s living legend! With an incredible 30+ years of dedication to Porter’s, she’s seen it all and continues to inspire us every day with her expertise, wisdom, and unwavering commitment. She has held many titles in areas such as retail, warehouse, accounts payable, purchasing, sales, and more. We are so happy to present to you – Cindy!

Where the Journey Started

Many years ago, Cindy found herself moving frequently around the U.S. with her husband, who was in the military. She and her family moved to the Rexburg area in about 1992 and she began her job search. She walked into the then Porter’s Ben Franklin store (a variety and craft store) in St. Anthony, Idaho, and handed over her application. Upon seeing her extensive background in retail, she was hired immediately and came to work the next day. She worked there until they closed in 2001. About a month after its closure, Cindy was offered a job at Porter’s Office Products.

Blue Cow Service

At the heart of Porter’s Office Products is the concept of Blue Cow Service, a promise to think outside the box and exceed customer expectations. Cindy is the epitome of Blue Cow Service. Her philosophy is to “always go one step further.” She never lets a customer leave without trying her best to find what they are looking for and does it with a smile on her face. She recalled a time that a frequent customer came in and said, “You always look up from what you’re doing and smile.” She never ceases to make everyone around her happier and seeks out opportunities to help wherever she can.

Her Legacy

Cindy has been a cornerstone for us at Porter’s. Her knowledge, optimistic attitude, and willingness to help everyone truly makes her loved by all she encounters, coworkers and customers alike. As Cindy reflects on her journey with Porter’s Office Products, she hopes to be remembered for the fact that she always showed up and was there when people needed her. Her legacy is one of great service, positivity, loyalty, and dedication. Despite trying to retire (a few times), she is always willing to come help when needed. When the managers at Porter’s call, she always answers and comes to their rescue.

A Glimpse into Cindy’s Life

When Cindy isn’t working at Porter’s, she finds herself spending most of her time with her 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Having worked at the old Porter’s craft store, she naturally loves crafting and crocheting. She loves experimenting with food in the kitchen and cozying up to a good book.

Cindy’s Scissors

When asked what type of office product Cindy would be, she quickly answered stating she would be scissors because she ‘cuts’ to the chase. Scissors are great at trimming down problems, making things neat, and making life easier, all of which Cindy does for us. There’s no job too sharp or dull that Cindy can’t do. She is an incredible team player and asset to the Porter’s family.  

Cindy’s Versatility

Upon asking many colleagues how they would describe Cindy’s job, it was quickly discovered that the question was too loaded. Each person started listing off almost every single job title available. She is the jack of all trades and has “done nothing but increase her expertise,” says furniture design specialist, Ed.

In conclusion, Cindy’s story embodies the essence of Porter’s Office Products – dedication, commitment, and exceptional service. As customers and colleagues alike, we are privileged to witness the legacy of a true Blue Cow ambassador.

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