Ed’s Creative Journey: From Art to Powerful Furniture Design

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We are thrilled to spotlight Ed, known at Porter’s for his creativity, thirst for knowledge, and love for Diet Coke.

Ed’s Journey to Porter’s

Ed started his journey with a degree in painting, working for an artsy company in San Francisco that contracted with Pottery Barn for a kid’s furniture magazine. This ignited his passion for furniture. After experiencing tendinitis and the 2008 economic crash, Ed returned to Rexburg and worked as a caricature artist before joining Porter’s Craft and Frame. Following the store’s closure in 2014, he held various jobs until 2020 when he rejoined Chuck Porter. This ultimately led to him becoming the Furniture Design Specialist at Porter’s Office Products.

What Does a Furniture Design Specialist Do?

As a furniture designer, Ed constantly devises creative solutions to fulfill customers’ office dreams. He travels to offices, measures spaces, and uses a computer program to create 3D models integrated with Porter’s furniture catalog. Clients receive these models to approve or request changes. His ability to design furniture spaces showcases his creativity, vision, and problem-solving skills.

Blue Cow Service

Porter’s Office Products prides itself on Blue Cow Service, a commitment to exceed customer expectations. Ed embodies this by ensuring quick responses to emails and swiftly sending quotes to clients. He also strives “to ask the right questions to understand the needs of clients.” His dedication to respond quickly and communicate clearly are just two of the ways Ed embodies Blue Cow Service.

Furniture Coordination Manager, Jeremy, elaborated on this saying, “Ed is a great artist. I believe that has helped Ed to learn how to design and layout an office. Ed is constantly learning to ask the right questions to provide customers with the options that best fit the desired layouts they are looking for. He is getting more and more comfortable with all the product lines he can offer and how to best utilize them.”

Ed’s Escape

On a potentially more relatable note, when Ed’s not designing furniture spaces, he finds himself playing video games, such as Destiny and Escape from Tarkov. Both games are challenging and immersive and require patience, strategy, and skill. Outside of that, he puts his more artsy side to the test by painting miniatures, using acrylic paint. Ed’s creativity knows no limits and we’re grateful he’s able to use some of that at Porter’s.

Ed’s dedication and creative spirit make him an invaluable asset to Porter’s Office Products. Stay tuned for more employee spotlights!

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