What Is Blue Cow Service?

At Porter’s we think beyond the big box and vow to get you what you need – even a Blue Cow!

Blue Cow Service consists of extraordinary personalized customer service, just for you! Blue cows are rare, never before seen and unique, just like Porter’s. That way even if a customer orders something outrageous like a blue cow, we will sit down and think outside of the box in order to meet YOUR needs.

Exceptional Customer Service

When you call our offices, you won’t be met with a machine. We have real people answering our phones and addressing your needs. When your order arrives, our delivery driver won’t leave your products on the loading dock but will bring them inside and place them exactly where you need them to go.

The Best in Furniture

Steelcase is number one in office furniture company in the world and we are the only exclusive Steelcase dealer in Southeast Idaho. With our Furniture Services, we can turn your concepts into a reality.

Next Day Delivery

In order to bring you the best customer service, Porter’s offers free next day delivery for our customers throughout Southeastern Idaho. We also offer hassle-free returns to make your ordering processes easier.

Our Blue Cow Vow is our way of promising you that when you create an account with Porter’s you are guaranteed satisfaction. You will be satisfied with the products, the service, the delivery, and the experience. We do business the way you do business. We don’t tell you how to do it.