Lonny’s Story: Dedication and Reliable Service at Porter’s

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At Porter’s Office Products, our employees are the heart and soul of what we do. This month, we shine the spotlight on Lonny, whose journey with us is a testament to dedication, hard work, and the power of effective communication.

From Construction to Office Products

Lonny’s career before joining Porter’s as a driver was nothing short of diverse and dynamic. He accumulated a wealth of experience working in construction, warehouses, and driving trucks. This extensive background honed his skills in logistics, coordination, and hands-on problem-solving. When Lonny applied to Porter’s, his resume stood out so much that he received a call for an interview within an hour of submitting his application. It was clear from the start that Lonny was a perfect fit for our team.

Starting in Pocatello and Commuting to Rexburg

Lonny began his journey with Porter’s at our now closed Pocatello location. His dedication and work ethic quickly became evident, and he played a crucial role in our operations there. However, when the Pocatello store closed, Lonny was given the opportunity to continue his journey with us at the Rexburg store. Despite the change in location, Lonny has remained committed, commuting from Pocatello to Rexburg every workday. His loyalty and adaptability have been invaluable assets to our team.

Four and a Half Years of Dedication

Over the past 4.5 years, Lonny has become an integral part of the Porter’s family. His favorite aspect of the job is the relationships he has built with his coworkers. Lonny thrives on the camaraderie and mutual respect that defines our work environment. “I love the people I work with,” he says, and it’s clear that his colleagues feel the same about him.

A Chair with a Purpose

When asked which office product he would be, Lonny chose a chair. “Chairs are comfortable,” he explains, “and I hope to make people around me feel comfortable as well.” This sentiment perfectly encapsulates Lonny’s approach to his work and interactions. He aims to create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, much like a comfortable chair does in an office setting.

Embodiment of Blue Cow Service

Lonny embodies the spirit of Blue Cow Service, consistently going above and beyond for our clients in Pocatello. He has developed strong relationships with the customers he delivers to, ensuring that communication is always a top priority. “Most problems can be solved if you just communicate,” Lonny says. His emphasis on clear and open dialogue has made him a standout employee. He even humorously claims to have won an award for being the best communicator, a testament to his commitment to excellence in service.

Life Beyond Porter’s

Outside of work, Lonny is just as dedicated to his personal life. He enjoys attending kickboxing classes and hitting the gym with his son every day after work. His commitment to fitness and health is evident in his lifestyle choices. Lonny is a health enthusiast who believes in the importance of exercise and good nutrition. For him, “food is just fuel,” and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a top priority.

A Role Model and Team Player

Lonny’s journey with Porter’s Office Products is a story of resilience, dedication, and a genuine love for what he does. He is a role model for his coworkers and a beloved figure among our clients. His ability to connect with others, solve problems through communication, and maintain a positive attitude makes him an invaluable member of our team.

We are proud to have Lonny as part of the Porter’s family and look forward to many more years of his exemplary service. Thank you for reading this month’s employee spotlight. Stay tuned for our next feature, where we continue to celebrate the amazing individuals who make Porter’s Office Products a fantastic place to work.

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