Idaho State University’s Furniture Design Portfolio

Welcome to ISU’s Premier Furniture Destination

At Porter’s Office Products, we take pride in being the go-to furniture supplier for Idaho State University.

Step into a realm of furniture innovation at Idaho State University, where Porter’s has masterfully redefined spaces, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

Conference Elegance

Immerse yourself in the refined ambiance of ISU’s updated conference rooms. Here, collaboration thrives, and comfort is paramount. Moreover, these spaces exude sophistication, creating an atmosphere conducive to productivity.

Left two photos: Idaho State University Department of History. Right two photos: Idaho State University, Fraiser Hall Classroom

Dynamic Learning Spaces

At Idaho State University, classrooms are dynamic hubs of innovation and collaboration, meticulously crafted by Porter’s Office Products. Our cutting-edge designs seamlessly integrate modernity and functionality, from ergonomic seating to modular desks and tables, fostering student engagement. Versatile layouts and modular furniture adapt to diverse teaching styles, while vibrant colors and sleek designs create an inviting atmosphere.

Idaho State University College of Science and Engineering, classroom

Office Excellence

As you enter ISU’s expansive offices adorned with cutting-edge desks and an open layout, you’ll notice the seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics. Without a doubt, this harmonious blend resonates with the vibrant orange, black, and white hues, paying homage to the proud spirit of ISU’s tiger mascot.

Photos: Idaho State University Scholarship Office, lobby

Tailored Comfort

Lastly, our commitment to personalized spaces extends from the grandeur of spacious offices to the coziness of intimate work nooks. In fact – each piece is meticulously curated, reflecting the unique culture and pride of ISU.

Photos: Idaho State University Scholarship Office, private office

To conclude, our collaboration has transformed ISU’s spaces into vibrant hubs of productivity and style. Because every furniture element is thoughtfully chosen, ISU’s workplaces and classrooms have been enhanced to be a perfect environment for growth. Porter’s Office Products is extremely proud to be a premier destination for innovative furniture solutions at Idaho State University.