Verb Tables – State of Idaho Steelcase Contract

Workplaces often get in the way of collaboration and growth. Different departments are working together, everyone is in small cubicles, and hauling projects around the office is getting old. That’s where Verb® comes in. Verb is an integrated table-based ecosystem designed to support a full range of workplace needs on demand.

Why choose Verb?
Verb is the result of a tremendous amount of research and data gathering. This research has driven our understanding of the need to focus on integrative active learning environments.

Key Features

  • Unique table shapes create better sightlines and enhance collaboration and are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate most workplace needs
  • Tables are designed for mobility to easily accommodate shifts between modes of working
  • New access leg design maximizes the ability for a worker to pull up to the end of the table without interference
  • Personal sized whiteboard is dual sided and made of our e3 ceramic steel material
  • Plastic docks and hooks on tables integrate with whiteboards to provide quick collaborative display and onboard storage
  • Instructor station supports multiple postures via a positionable lectern and accommodates different work modes with three distinct zones to support instruction, collaboration and concentrated work
  • SCS Indoor Advantage™certification for protecting indoor air quality –Gold
  • level™3 and 2 certified to BIFMA e3 standard

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Verb Brochure