Scratch and Dent Furniture

Quality Design on a Budget
We know you want the best value for your money – that’s why we’re here, to give you the best quality at the best price. Our Scratch and Dent Furniture selection located at our Pocatello office can help you save 25-50% off furniture design. Scratch and Dent doesn’t mean low quality but instead lists furniture pieces that have been bumped, scratched, discontinued, or used for a short period of time, but still in saleable and usable condition. Most of our customers can’t even tell that the pieces have been used.

Visit our Pocatello office and check out our exclusive selection that is considered Scratch and Dent. This selection is perfect for anyone looking for discounted and used furniture, or just a great deal. Inventory fluctuates each week so you’ll have to stop by or call for pricing.

Scratch and Dent Chairs

Scratch and Dent Desks