Blue Cow Hijinks: Meet Bekah, Our Amazing Brand Manager

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We are happy to introduce this month’s employee spotlight, Bekah! Bekah has been working at Porter’s Office Products as our Brand Manager for almost 2 years now. She is a great example of a dedicated individual who makes our team here unique and exceptional. 

Where it all started

Bekah’s love for marketing began when she ran a music-themed meme page on social media in high school. After high school, she went on to do social media and digital marketing for a health clinic. She knew marketing was the perfect career for her as she is able to spread positivity through her creativity. As a current college student, she exemplifies hard work and determination. She strives to continue spreading positivity by providing blue cow service to all.

Fun and Games

When Bekah isn’t occupied with marketing, she spends time with her amazing husband and plays alongside her “sassy” black cat, Luna.

She loves all things crafts. She also loves deep diving into the world of Pokémon and coming up with stories in Dungeons and Dragons. Her creativity knows no bounds and contributes to her keen understanding of storytelling, attention to detail, and imaginative thinking in her role as our Brand Manager.

Her role

Bekah finds herself wearing many hats here at Porter’s. She builds brand awareness, makes digital signage, updates our website, plans events like our Food Drive and Back 2 School Bash, works alongside the sale reps, creates content, and much more. Her creativity is shown through her marketing content and her ability to solve problems for customers or for Porter’s.

If you’ve ever visited our social media pages, like Facebook or Instagram, Bekah is the creative genius behind all the amazing reels and jokes that use our brand’s mascot, the blue cow. One of her favorite parts of the job is being able to create those and bring joy to those on the other side of the screen.

Bekah’s Positivity and Friendship

When asked her favorite part about working at Porter’s, Bekah answered immediately by saying she loves how supportive the environment is. She explained that everyone looks out for each other and treats each other with respect.

Getting positive opinions about Bekah here at Porter’s was an easy task, as many of her coworkers are happy to work and collaborate with her. Our Operations/HR Manager, Kristy, said, “It has been amazing getting to know Bekah and watching her grow so much in her position. Her willingness to always look outside of the box and try something new has become a real asset to the company. She has been a great addition to our team.”

 “As I have had the chance to work directly next to Bekah, I have been impressed with her skills and her creative mindset,” said account manager Garrett. “It has become a habit for us to wave each other down using only one finger and then bounce ideas off each other or ask questions to each other for collaboration of our different skills. Through this, I have been able to see how her mind comes up with ideas I never would have thought of, and it makes me appreciate her place on the team. Bekah is truly a vital member of the Porter’s team and exemplifies Blue Cow Service.”

When asked what office product Bekah would be, she immediately stated that she would be a highlighter. She said this is “because I’m bright and happy and I love highlighting what we’re doing, as well as what others are doing.” This goes to show how much light and positivity Bekah carries with her everywhere she goes. She truly is an asset here and makes our team stronger.

It’s clear to see that Bekah is a beloved member of the Blue Cow family and we are lucky to have her. We hope you enjoyed learning about our Brand Manager, Bekah! Stay tuned to learn more about our incredible Blue Cow team.

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