Your Stress-Free Summer

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Summer is here and that means it’s time for vacation! Although we don’t have the luxury of a three-month summer vacation like our kids do, we can at least afford a week or more away from work. Recent studies have shown that although more people are using their vacation time, they don’t stop working. Some people can’t help but cater to employer requests and answer client emails.

Avoid being a workaholic this summer. If you’re planning a trip with your family or time away to relax, follow these tips to get the most out of your vacation.

Avoid huge projects or assignments before leaving.
If you’re the go-to person for major projects, it’s easy to fall into volunteering your time to help. However, if you’re getting ready to leave for family vacation you need to make sure that you aren’t pushing yourself to the limits.

Wrap up loose ends so that no one needs to contact you.
Make sure all of your duties are complete before you leave for vacation or else you may get a phone call from your employer.

Ask a coworker for help. 
Before you leave, ask someone you work closely with if they will watch over your projects or client accounts. You can even give them access to your email account if you trust them to answer and reply for you. Having someone at the office watch over your tasks will give you the peace of mind you need to not check your email every 30 minutes.

Set your away message and don’t log into your email account until you’re back from vacation.
Give clients and customers a heads up with the dates you will be gone so they can get their requests in before you leave. This will reduce the amount of emails you have to answer when you get back.

Leave your electronics at the hotel. 
Summer vacation means unplugging from work. Don’t tempt yourself by carrying around your tablet or smartphone.

Shove work out of your mind. 
Vacation means vacation! When you are out of the office, try not to think of work. If you followed the other tips above then it should be simple to leave the office and not think about anything until you return. Summer vacations are a really important key to a happy and healthy life.

We know you love your job, but not giving yourself a break can lead to work burn out. This year, treat yourself to a stress-free summer and spend time on your personal life.



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