Summer Productivity Tips

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Summer is here and we know the urge to look out the window at the beautiful sunshine is alive and well in every office worker. Rather than spending all day dreaming, here are some ways to be productive over the summer.

Take vacation time
If you’re constantly thinking about taking a vacation rather than working, find a way to do both. Plan your vacations early in the summer and focus on your work leading up to it. This way, you’ll have a great reward for all of your hard work and a much needed break as well.

Be flexible with your schedule
Find a good balance between work, play and family time. If you are a parent, make sure things like soccer, camps and daycare work with your work schedule. Making a clear schedule of all these day-to-day events will allow them to work more seamlessly with your work life and bog you down less.

Don’t procrastinate
You’ll finish that memo after you take a walk around the park. You’ll send that email after a nice patio lunch. Although we are all for taking breaks, pushing off your work is dangerous ground to walk on! Completing all of your tasks as quickly as you can will free up time for those outdoor activities you long for and will make you feel less guilty when you do them. Work now, play later!

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