All Floor Pads are Not Created Equal!

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All the information you need on floor pads for your office equpiment cleaning supplies is here! Floor pads are a cost effective way to product beautiful looking floors. Each pad is designed to perform a specific job and to provide consistent performance while assuring high-quality reproducible results.

The differences between floor pads may seem small, but when added up, they can make a big difference to your bottom line in terms of produtivity and labor costs. 3M floor pads offer:

                        – Uniform distribution of mineral abraisves throughout the pad (not just on                                   the surface) assures superior performance and long, useful life.

                       – Individually separated and coasted fibers help produce better, more consistent results.

                      – The right amount of aggresiveness for every type of stripping, scrubbing and cleaning job.

                       – Each floor pad is engineered specifically for a particular maintenance task



STRIP– to remove all finish, sealer and contaminants from the floor surface. Done at the start of a maintenance program and at times when scrubbing will not acheive the desired result. Click here for stripping pads

SCRUB– Done prior to replacing worn finish; provides a fresh new surface to maintain. Click here for scrubbing pads

BUFF/POLISH– Buff very soft finishes or use polishing soft waves on wood floors. Polish to remove light soil and other contaminants. Click here for buffer pads and click here for polishing pads

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