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We are wrapping up our wellness tips with foursteps to preparing your body and mind for a wet & cold winter! Beyond the usual precautions against cold and flu, there are other things to consider for staying healthy in extreme weather.

1. Protect your heart– Cold temperatures thicken the blood and constrict arteries, elevating blood pressure and leaving one vulnerable for a heart attack. Keep this in mind before starting physical activity and always do a good warm up. If you must exert yourself with a task such as snow shoveling, work a little at a time, taking breaks  in between.

2. Help your lungs– Cold air is often dry, irritating the lining of your lungs, bringing on asthma or other problems. In addition, viruses are vibrant in cold weather. To withstand these chilling effects, keep a scarf wrapped over your mouth and nose to moisten the air as you breathe.

3. Relieve your sinuses– sinus pain is the result of acute inflammation and cogestions of your nasla passages that often occur during the cold and rainy seasons. You may have a headache or feel pain elsewhere in your face or body. To relieve sinus pain, you need to cure the inflammation. Using nasal washes, sitting in steam, drinking non-caffeinated hot teas, and even eating spicy foods can all ease the congestion that may be causing you pain.

4. Enlighten your brain– Being so far from the sun during winter months can cause chemical changes in teh brain that lead to depression. This is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). somethings, simple solutions can help. during the day, try to sit in the sun near large windows as much as possbile, which can stablize serotonin, the chemical related to depression.

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