How to choose the RIGHT binder

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There are so many options when it comes to binders that you just want to get what you need and get on with it. These three easy steps will help you find the exact binder you need for the project or task at hand- pain free!

1. PICK The Right Application

     –Presentation binders: for proposals, presentations, and reports

     – Reference Binders: for frequently used documents like manuals and files

     – Storage Binders: for documents that are accessed infrequently like annual records


2. CHOOSE The Ring Style To Fit Your Needs

     – Round Ring is most common. Standard capactiy. Ring is usually mounted to the spine

     – EZ- TURN Ring allows for smoother page turning. Ring is mounted on the back for flat pages

     – Slant Ring holds up to 25% more than round ring. Ring is mounted the back for flat pages

     – EXD Ring holds up to 50% more than round rings and pages turn easily with Gap Free Rings

     – Gapless Ring has no gaps. Pages flow smoothly and rings will not open if binder is dropped


3. SELET The Correct Size Binder

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