Things to Consider When Buying a Calendar

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calendarIf you find your office scheduling comes in the form of a mess of sticky notes and meetings scribbled into margins, it’s probably time to find a new system. Whether you need a direct reference for your daily schedule or simply organization between your personal and work life, a calendar is a great tool for reference. Consider these 3 things when you buy your 2016 calendars.

1. Purpose: If your calendar is for your eyes only, think about using it for more than just scheduling. It might be useful to have a personal organizer, like our At-A-Glance Executive Monthly Padfolios. If your calendar is for your entire team, make a space for scheduling meetings or conference rooms, with the At-A-Glance Panoramic Motivational Desk Pad Calendar

2. Schedule: If you need a specific daily layout, find a calendar with large spaces for each day, for a clear, organized schedule. If your schedule is less detailed and you simply need your appointments and meetings for the week, try the At-A-Glance DayMinder Weekly Appointment Book.

3. Design: Whether you want to stick with a basic look, or express your personality through a funky design, there are options for everyone. Pop these planner refills in for a personalized option. Express yourself with colors and patterns, whether it’s flowers like this beautiful At-A-Glance Flowers Desk Pad Calendar or one of our other distinctive designs.

January is right around the corner, so guarantee a fresh start to the new year by ordering your 2016 calendars now.

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