Is Your Office Design Affecting Productivity?

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officeBusiness owners began to connect productivity and office design back in the 60’s, with the invention of the cubicle. Their belief was that providing privacy helped employees focus. However, studies suggest that the cubicle actually decreased productivity and promoted isolation in a negative way.

Today, we see office design moving to a more collaborative environment, with less confined offices and more open seating or workstations. So what really makes a difference when it comes to work environments? The top three factors of a productive workspace are distractions, office layout, and comfort.

• Distractions: An open office environment helps with communication, but it can also lead to distractions. Set aside rooms for collaboration to keep conversations between teams.

• Office Layout: Keep your space flexible as your business is growing and changing. Workers need enough space to get their work accomplished, but also need to feel connected to their team and the mission of the company.

• Comfort: The way a workstation is designed can have a huge impact on the worker’s success. Choosing comfortable chairs and the right desks will allow your team to focus on tasks rather than their aching back or neck.

With our expertise, we can custom design a space that includes comfortable, stylish furniture to make your work environment productive and appealing to your staff. Give us a call today to set up a consultation.

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