Summertime Sickness?

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Woman with allergy sneezing
Ever wonder why we don’t get sick as often in the summertime? Believe it or not, there’s a genetic reason for it. And while it’s still possible to get sick in the summer, it’s far less likely. Here’s why:
We don’t get sick as often because just like the weather changes with the seasons, so do our genes. During the winter, our bodies produce more of the genes linked with inflammation in order to protect us from colds and the flu. This can trigger swelling and discomfort.
In the summer, our bodies pump up the levels of different genes, including those that help regulate blood sugar and help us burn excess fat.
You CAN contract a cold when it’s warm, but it’s less likely useful content. Colds and the flu can come from over 200 different viruses, some of which are prevalent in the summertime.
Summer can make sick people sicker. When you get sick, your body is less able to regulate its temperature. Extra hot summer days can take this to the next level, raising your body temperature to dangerous levels and causing complications to preexisting illnesses. In extreme conditions, this can lead to heat stroke.

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