Blue Cow People – Meet Kyndra

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Kyndra is our Accounts Receivable Manager. Her main job is making sure customers bills get paid. You may have talked to her on the phone in customer service or met her on the retail floor. She wears many hats and is always happy to give you the best Blue Cow Customer Service you can find. She is commonly referred to as Kyndra-Siri because if you ask her a question you can bet she will have an answer or find one in warp speed.

Her favorite part of her job is getting to enter rewards orders for customers, free stuff is always fun! She also enjoys working at Porter’s Office Products because of how great the relationships are, not only how important customer service is to us but also how well we get along as co-workers too. We get lots done but we also have plenty of laughs together which always makes her work day better!

Before Kyndra worked here with us, the most interesting job she held was working at one of the last ever Blockbuster Video stores in Alaska, which is pretty cool considering she is a millennial.  Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride, and her favorite quote from it is “We are men of action. Lies do not become us.”

On her days off she likes to spend time with her sisters and favorite niece, playing video games together and watching sci-fi shows. She says getting to be in the same city as family and watch her niece and nephews grow up is the best part of living here in Rexburg. If she could travel anywhere, she would go visit Greece or Ireland for the beautiful architecture and countryside.

We certainly love having Kyndra be a part of our blue cow team for her excellent customer service and hard work! We hope you have the opportunity to work with her!

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