Blue Cow People: Meet Anna

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Anna is our Accounts Payable Manager and Purchasing Assistant. She makes sure all our finances are in order as well as making sure any custom printing or promotional items you need are taken care of. You may have also spoken to her on the phone, or on the retail floor. She is an outstanding member of the Blue Cow Customer Service team. She works very hard to make sure everyone she encounters receives the best service possible.

Anna’s favorite part of her job is learning about all the many products and services we offer our customers. As part of her job is ordering custom print and promotional items it blows her mind how many options we offer to help other businesses get the things they need. The most embarrassing experience(s) she has had at Porter’s is when she has tripped leaving the bosses office (on multiple occasions).

Her favorite Product we sell is the Pentel EnerGel pens. She is a self-proclaimed pen snob and for good reason these pens are like writing with heavens clouds. When asked Anna says she is very organized but it really depends on the day and what needs to get done but she prefers a tidy work space.

Her most interesting job before Porter’s was working as a Kindergarten Teachers Assistant at the elementary school she attended as a child working directly for her kindergarten teacher nearly 20 years later. She says it was a special experience to work with her former teacher.

Anna’s favorite movie quote is “Her hair glows… WHY DOES HER HAIR GLOW!?!” From Disney’s Tangled. If she could spend a day with anyone she says she would choose her youngest sister because Anna doesn’t get to see her very often. Anna’s favorite meal is Pork Dumplings, only when made by her husband. She says they are the most delicious food ever and you should try them.

We are very grateful for Anna and the hard work she puts in to put our customers first and be a great example of Blue Cow Service in every way!

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