5 Practical Promotional Items!

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5 Practical Promotional items!

We are gearing up for summertime, you know what that means? SUMMER FAIRS and CONVETIONS! This is an exciting time for us because we get all our promotional swag! Do you have promotional swag for your summer? Or just in general? Need help knowing where to start? Let us help you! Here are 5 promotional items that are practical and versatile for nearly every industry.


We LOVE pens! Duh, what kind of office supply store would we be if we didn’t! But we especially LOVE our promotional pens! There are so many different options! And let’s face the facts here, you can never have too many pens! Your customers no matter what you sell or offer always need a pen! A pen with your logo could save them in a bind! Reminding them about you! Yes Pens are the most common promotional item, but they work!


What an awesome opportunity for repeated marketing! People love free clothes, especially if it has a funny or clever saying.  These shirts become workout tops and grub shirts for weekend projects. This means fellow gym goers and weekend project warriors and the home improvement store are exposed to the brand.

USB Drives

Everyone needs a USB Drive. Added plus you can load examples of work or information about you company on the USB. So in order to use the drive they have to see what is in it, exposing them to more information to your company.  

Water bottles

Your customers no matter what industry you are in probably use water bottles. Many people carry them with them most places they go. So not only are they exposed to your brand but, co-workers, friends, the guy on the next treadmill, every one will see the logo. This one is a huge opportunity in the hot summer months as everyone needs to stay hydrated, especially at any conventions or fairs you are marketing at.

Reusable grocery bags

These have hundreds of uses! Lots of people use them to carry work or school materials, their lunch, their work out clothes, their pool snacks, pic-nics. You name it we’ve seen it! The best part is these bags can be covered in you artwork. That means four sides of loud colors or subtle black, what ever you want. You can put a saying, your logo, photos, what ever you want.

When it comes to promotional items there are thousands of different options some that would more closely appeal to your clients. As Far as basics go you cant go wrong with these five suggestions. We cant wait to see what you come up with! Need help getting them ordered? Visit our website: https://portersop.espwebsite.com/

Or give us a call! We are more than happy to help get you started with a quote!

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