Blue Cow Service – Everything You Need To Know!

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A few weeks ago one of our associates was at the bank and the teller asked them about their day. They mentioned work and the teller asked where and our associate proudly said “Porter’s Office Products, have you heard of them?” and this is what the teller said: “Hey…. You guys have the Blue Cow Service tag line right? What does that even mean?”

We are excited the teller knew who we were AND that they knew about Blue Cow Service, even if he didn’t know what it meant. The problem is that many of our customers don’t know what it means.

Blue Cow Service describes the remarkably personalized customer service we provide to all our customers. Okay… cool but what does a cow have to do with your customer service?  Great question! Blue cows are extremely rare, never seen and unique just like us! It is our mission here at Porter’s to give you an amazingly unique customer service experience.

When you call on the phone to place an order or set up an account our customer service team will happily and helpfully take care of your needs and leave no stone unturned, that is Blue Cow Service.

When your sales rep stops to visit or calls to check in, they are prepared to scour the depths and darkest parts of our warehouse. They will do everything they can to find you that one item that you haven’t been able to find anywhere else, for a price that can’t be beat. That is Blue Cow Service!

When your delivery driver arrives with your free delivery of items and carries the 10 cases of paper to your 3rd floor office with a smile… THAT IS BLUE COW SERVICE!

When you come to our retail store to grab ink for your printer that you need, our retail staff will help you find what your are looking for, ring you up, and cheerfully get you on your way in no time. THAT IS BLUE COW SERVICE!

Let’s talk about our furniture! (shout out to this amazing team) From the time you decide to start looking for office furniture to installation they have got you covered finding you the best quality items, working with your specific comfort and design needs. They will even come measure your space to insure you are making the most out of your office space. They will come and install your new desk, storage system, chair or whatever else for free. Yes that’s right FREE. THAT IS BLUE COW SERVICE!

The best part about Blue Cow Service is we each genuinely love helping you! We go the extra mile not because it’s our job but because we love knowing that we have created another overly satisfied customer. We thrive knowing that we explored every avenue, that we thought outside the box to meet YOUR needs. Our commitment to Blue Cow service is a promise that we will do everything and anything in our power to exceed your expectations. Blue Cow Service is service you can count on everyday every time and without exception.

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