A Breath of Fresh Air

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Two times of year really bring up the need for cleaner air, especially in the work place where you need to function at your best capacity. Because of allergens the spring is the first time it should come to mind and then again in the fall. The fall is during different harvests and also the start of cold season. It’s a small wonder people spread so many illnesses when you consider a sneeze leaves your mouth at 30 miles per hour. It wouldn’t take much to spread that around when it’s got such good transportation. So we’ve compiled the top reasons to get an air purifier for your office or home.

  • Dust: Skin cells make up 80% of common dust and they carry dust mites which are no good for you’re breathing, especially if you have asthma.


  • Allergies: Buildings actually can be worse then being outside because heating and cooling units bring in all the stuff that causes problems with allergies and then the building acts as a bottle. Keeping all that stuff in and condensed around you.


  • Cold & Flue Season: With everyone sneezing, coughing, hacking and just breathing all over the place its necessary to filter and clean up the air you are sharing.
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