Blue Cow Story: Giveaways Turn into Business, Seriously

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It was 5:45 on a Friday Afternoon when I realized I had a screw in my tire and it was going flat. I drove to the local tire shop that I had done business with in the past. I told the man behind the desk my problem and he said there was no way they could repair it today they closed at 6, I said, “seriously?!” he replied, “yes, seriously.” He said I should put a can of fix-a-flat in it and return in the morning. I drove to the LEs Schwab tire store 3 blocks away, now it was about 5:50. I was greeted in the parking lot showed him the tire, he said, “ok we will get it right in: I thought great! But was a little worried because it was almost closing time. He assured me that it was still before 6 and they would take care of the problem no matter how long it took. About 20 minutes later they told me it was done at no charge and the tire wasn’t even a brand they sold. They then told me to come back when I had some spare time and they would rotate them for me at no charge again. Guess where I purchased my last 2 sets of tires, and guess where I will never go again. Thank you Les Schwab for above and beyond customer service!

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