Blue Cow Story: They Went the Extra Mile

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We recently rented a car to drive to Vegas and reserved the rental car online. When we went into the store to pick up the car, the Manager asked where we were going when she realized we would be driving a long way she asked if I realized the economy car I had selected did not have cruise control and for $7.00 more per day we could upgrade, we did! Driving 10 hours without cruise control would not have been much fun. I told her we would be getting back late Monday night and would drop the car off upon arrival. She told me that I could bring the car back Tuesday by 2:00 p.m. and it would still be the same price. She could have just went about her job and not told us that but she went the extra mile to provide the best service possible. when we were driving home we hit a big snow storm in Utah Monday night and spent the night in Ogden, if she had not told me I had the extra day at the same price we would have tried to get home in unsafe weather conditions. Thank you Enterprise for the outstanding customer service!

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