Blue Cow Story: Cruise of Contentment…and Lobster!

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My wife and I recently went on a cruise with some friends and although I had heard you receive excellent customer service on a cruise, you also pay big bucks for it, so I wasn’t expecting TOO much. One night we were dressed up for dinner and they really rolled out the red carpet. Our waiter was funny, personable, and took care of our every want and need, I didn’t do one thing! When our menu potions were presented, there was a dish I was curious about trying, but was worried I would be stuck with it if the taste testing didn’t go so well. Our waiter assured me that if it was something I didn’t care for, he would simply bring me another option. We ended up having delicious lobster for dinner and when joking with our new friend about our state of contentment he said he would bring out the lobster until we called it quits! All you can eat lobster and friendly, enjoyable service is what made us not only love that cruise line, but recommend them to all our family and friends for future vacation plans!

-Story Contributed by Ryan Chipp

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