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During the winter, what is it that we worry about the most? The ice. We have to walk and drive on it everyday, especially in the Rocky Mountain region. Many individuals and companies purchase ice melts to keep themselves, their family, and their employees safe. However, there are also many worries that come when deciding which ice melt to buy. Our Yellow Heat Ice Melt will melt away those worries. It gives peace of mind knowing that everyone will stay safe this winter.




No Stains

There are many ice melts that have a red, green, or blue tint in them. These can ruin shoes and carpets too easily. Our ice melt is clear, and stays clear when it dissolves, so you will have no need to worry about staining carpet or clothes.


Works Longer

Some ice melts stop working as soon as they dissolve. Yellow Heat Ice Melt keeps working even after it has dissolved. You will save time and money by needing fewer applications.


Very Powerful

Many competing ice melts do not work under a certain temperature. When temperatures are in the negatives, consider our ice melt. It contains a unique blend of chloride, generating heat to melt ice faster even in the coldest of temperatures.


Safe for Others

Sometimes there is the concern that the ice melt you purchase is not safe for the environment or pets. No worries! With ours, you can know for sure that your lawn, garden, pets, children, and workers will not be harmed by chemicals. You can use it as many times as needed without worrying about the after effects.


Our ice melt is great on any surface: streets, driveways, sidewalks, and steps. Let the holidays be relaxing and stress free this year. And most of all, make sure everyone is safe. Use Yellow Heat Ice Melt.


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