Surviving the Seasonal Slump

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Time to tackle the winter blues with this article from our Office Stuff Newsletter this month. Check it out:

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Everyone knows that mood can affect wellness. So what is one to do when the winter blues settle in? Whjen the weather outside is frightful, take heed; something delightful may be just around the corner. Here are a few thigns youc an do to take your mind off the cold climate:

1. Find something you like to do primarily in the winter: for some, this could be making chocolate and sitting by a fire;  for tohers, it could mean braising or baking, or just snuggling in for a good movie. Whatever it may be, take advantage of it as often as possible!

2. Become involved in your community or city. There are always abundant cultural offerings during the winter, since everyone is primarily stuck in doors. has oodles of groups in your neighborhood and city that might be right for you to join. And museum free days, as well as library or music evernts are often too good to pass up.

3. Get physical. New Year’s resolutions or not, winter is a great time to get in shape. Even without a gym membership or a clear outdoor path to walk on, you can still find ways to get your body moving to exercise videos or simple yoga sessions in your home. As they say, there is no better time than the present. And as well all know, exercise certainly boosts the mood.

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