Sitting Well at Work

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No two people sit the same. Which means nobody should be subject to sitting in an office chair that is suited for someone else. In fact, sitting in the wrong chair can have a long-term negative effect on your body. So how can you tell if your chair offers you the proper support?

Maintaining correct posture requires that your feet be flat on the floor with your knees and hips both bent at a 90-degree angle. Your lower back should be supported by your chair and your shoulders should be relaxed. The ideal position for your keyboard is having your elbows bent to about 90-degrees and your forearms and wrists level or slightly tiled downward to avoid strain on the wrists. Additionally, your computer monitor should be at or slightly below your eye level so your neck is not straining to look up at the screen.

So, what role does your desk chair play in helping you with proper posture? Ideally, you should be able to adjust the height to allow your feet to be flat on the floor. Chairs with a seat depth adjustment give you the opportunity to move your seat pan back so the back of your knees do not rest right against the seat pan, which can cause poor circulation to the legs. An adjustable lumbar will allow you to properly support your lower back. Finally, many chairs come with a seat tilt/tension lock or adjustment, so you can change how much resistance you feel when you lean back in your chair. The best chair for you will have all the adjustments necessary to provide comfort over a long period of time through proper support of your body.

But it’s not just your chair that can help how you sit! Other items like a keyboard tray and monitor arms will help you adjust your keyboard and computer monitor to be at the correct ergonomic height to not cause strain on your shoulders and neck. Having equipment that truly supports the way you work can benefit you both physically and mentally throughout your work day. When you sit well, you can work well!

Have questions about chairs and what kind is best for you? Contact the Porter’s Furniture Team and we can help you find the perfect fit!

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