Sidney Hernandez | Porter’s Amazing and Talented Assistant Purchasing Pro

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When it comes to our office of blue, there’s one who stands out as the pinkest in the bunch. Sidney Hernandez – purchasing assistant pro.

True Porter’s Veteran

Sidney is a Porter’s veteran, formerly working at Porter’s Craft and Frame in Idaho Falls. There, she was a sales associate. She took care of the store – keeping up on retail with customer service, stocking, cleaning, and cashier duties.

Now, she works here with our Blue Cow team in Rexburg, Idaho.

Essential Member of our Team

Every day, Sidney makes sure that we have enough stock in our warehouse and retail floor to ensure your business is kept running smoothly. She works with our direct brands, including Sanford, BIC, ACCO, TOPS, and more!

Our amazing Sidney also handles all our custom printing and promotional products. Our promo products run from apparel to tech, giftboxes to awards, and everywhere in-between. And for custom printing… if you can think it, we can bring it to life! Business cards, flyers, brochures… the list goes on. So, if you need a custom envelope or promotional items that knock your customers’ socks off, Sidney’s your gal!

Amazing Team Player

A headshot of Sidney

In her current position, Sidney is particularly excited about expanding her skillset. She is currently learning new skills for her assistant purchasing role, and her keenness to learn and adapt is what makes her, without a doubt, an indispensable asset to our team.

“Sidney is great and learns fast and quickly,” said Wytemi, one of our Account Managers. “She has been doing great in keeping up with her tasks and helping out with other tasks when our fellow staff are out on leave.”

When asked which office supply she would be, Sidney chose a daily planner, referring to it as “organized chaos.” This choice reflects Sidney’s approach to her role. She adeptly juggles multiple responsibilities, ensuring everything runs smoothly, just like the pages of a well-used planner.

For example, when reflecting on her first job as a cashier at Shoe Carnival, Sidney credits this experience with helping her develop a strong work ethic and customer service skills, both of which she applies in her role here at Porter’s Office Products.

“Wherever she goes she inspires laughter and a smile, as well as being a hard worker and always providing the best customer service to our customers,” said Kyndra, our Accounts Recievable. She noted that Sidney’s favorite color is bright pink, which sums up her personality perfectly. “She brings positivity and joy to the office, and loves to chat with her coworkers in between projects. She’s a great addition to our Blue Cow team!”

Sidney’s dog, Greg

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed learning about our Purchasing Assistant pro, Sidney! Stay tuned to learn more about our incredible Blue Cow team.

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