Shawn Call | A Conversation with Porter’s New Client Strategy Manager

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Meet Shawn, the dynamic force behind Porter’s Client Strategy, bringing over 20 years of management and entrepreneurial experience to the team. Recently joining Porter’s, Shawn is already making waves with innovative initiatives, embodying the commitment to Blue Cow Service, and leading with passion for both business and the great outdoors.

Shawn’s Career and Management Style

In our insightful conversation, Shawn provided a glimpse into his journey to Rexburg. He sought stability and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Soon he found himself moving from Washington to Idaho, working in different positions before ultimately finding Porter’s.

With a diverse background that includes ownership of a Dickey’s Barbecue franchise and a construction company, Shawn shared a pivotal moment in his career. “When I owned my own business, I started to see things more clearly from the owner’s perspective.”

Expanding on his management philosophy, Shawn emphasized a hands-on approach and the importance of understanding employees’ needs. Specifically, Shawn weaves a management style that resonates with his team and fosters an environment where employees feel valued and motivated.

And our employees agree. “…I have had the chance to see the effort, dedication, and skill Shawn has. As well as his thoughtfulness, compassion, and genuine care and concern for our clients,” said Garrett. As an account manager, he works directly with Shawn. “I firmly believe that he will help drive a tsunami of positive change for both Porter’s and our clients.”

Making an Impact at Porter’s

In his brief three months at Porter’s, Shawn has been a catalyst for change, launching initiatives to streamline processes. “I’ve been trying to implement standardized practices to make things more organized and streamlined,” he explained. This approach aims to enhance communication and efficiency, providing a structured framework for everyone from customer service to top-level management.

“In his brief time with us, Shawn has shown tremendous leadership and vision,” said furniture designer Ed. “He’s found opportunities where others have seen obstacles.” Shawn’s work ethic has inspired Ed and other employees to step up where they can, to help each other and go above and beyond the call of duty.

Beyond introducing standardized practices, Shawn has been keen on fostering a cohesive and organized working environment. He not only aims to achieve short-term goals but also lays the groundwork for sustained growth. The impact of his initiatives is already evident, showcasing Shawn’s commitment to driving positive change within the company.

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Venturing beyond the corporate landscape, Shawn is an avid outdoorsman, finding inspiration and leadership lessons in nature.

“When you’re out in the woods, you rely on yourself to get things done,” Shawn remarked. This self-reliance, coupled with teamwork within his family, becomes a metaphor for his leadership style.

Shawn’s favorite spot, a secret location from his childhood, holds sentimental value. This spot reconnects him with cherished memories and serves as a retreat for family adventures.

The outdoors not only shapes Shawn’s leadership but also provides a rejuvenating escape.

The experiences gained from backpacking, camping, and hiking contribute to a well-rounded perspective in both personal and professional spheres. Shawn’s love for nature serves as a reminder that leadership lessons can be drawn from the beauty of the outdoors.

Entrepreneurial Insights and Personal Favorites

In offering advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Shawn delves into the grit required for success. “To be successful, you have to be willing to work 14-to-18-hour days, seven days a week.”

This insight comes from Shawn’s personal journey of entrepreneurship, where dedication and hard work proved to be the cornerstones of success. Drawing parallels with his favorite movie “Tombstone,” Shawn finds inspiration in the loyalty of the characters, advocating for a similar loyalty in personal and professional relationships.

Shawn’s entrepreneurial journey, marked by diverse ventures such as a barbecue franchise and a construction company, underscores the importance of adaptability and a results-driven approach. Without a doubt, the movie, “Tombstone,” becomes more than a cinematic choice; it becomes a source of wisdom, encouraging others to be better individuals and fostering loyalty in their endeavors.

Blue Cow Service and Mission Statement

As a result, Shawn shed light on the uniqueness of Blue Cow Service, emphasizing its rarity in a world where customer service often falls short. “If you can deliver a service far above and beyond what anybody expects,” he said, “that just solidifies you in the industry.”

In a digital age where personal connections can be overshadowed, Blue Cow Service sets Porter’s apart, homing in on specific traits and qualities that elevate the customer experience.

And when it comes to Blue Cow service, Garret and others agree that Shawn is a great example. “For instance,” said Bekah, brand manager, “Shawn noticed that the chair I was using wasn’t what I needed. The ergonomics weren’t right. He ran down to the warehouse and grabbed me a nicer chair. I didn’t even realize I needed a better one until I sat down!”

The commitment to treating both customers and employees as special entities underscores Porter’s mission statement. Shawn, recognizing today’s diminishing emphasis on customer service, emphasizes the importance of bringing a personal touch back to business interactions. Indeed, this commitment manifests in the relationships built, the integrity maintained, and the respect extended, forming the cornerstone of Porter’s ethos.

Reflections on the Blue Cow Mascot

When explaining the symbolism behind the Blue Cow mascot, Shawn draws a connection to its rarity and how it represents Porter’s commitment to exceptional service.

“Blue Cow Service is about going above what you can give.”

The mascot symbolizes the extraordinary effort Porter’s puts into exceeding customer expectations, standing as a visual representation of the company’s dedication to going the extra mile. The Blue Cow mascot reminds our team that exceptional service, like a rare gem, is something we cherish. It’s not just a symbol but a commitment we make that permeates every aspect of Porter’s operations. As customers encounter the Blue Cow, they’re reminded of the unique service they receive – a service that goes beyond expectations and leaves a lasting impression.


In a light-hearted moment, Shawn contemplated which office product he’d be. “Maybe white out because that way I can erase my mistakes when I make them and then write something better.”

Naturally, it’s clear that Shawn has a passion for business, commitment to Blue Cow Service, and love for the outdoors. This makes him an invaluable asset to our team. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact Shawn will undoubtedly leave on the company.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Shawn and the entire Porter’s team, as they continue to deliver Blue Cow Service with honesty, integrity, and utmost respect.

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