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This independent research is commissioned by 3M, makers of the 3M privacy filter. Ponemon Institute conducted an experimental study on how the use of a privacy filter affects the productivity and privacy of actual employees in a business environment. Often overlooked by today’s mobile workforce is the importance of safeguarding confidential data from prying eyes. The findings of the Visual Privacy & Productivity Experimental Study reveal that there is awareness of the importance of visual privacy and this perception does affect productivity when working outside the office.


Five of our most important findings are as follows:

  • Employees are more productive and transparent when a 3M privacy filter is installed on their laptop or desktop computer.
  • Gender makes a difference. Female employees appear to work longer and harder than their male counterparts. The positive effect of the 3M privacy filter on employee productivity appears to be stronger for female versus male employees.
  • Age makes a difference. Employees between 26 and 35 years appear to work harder and longer than employees over 55 years. The positive effect of the 3M filter appears to be strongest for individuals at or below 35 years.
  • The impact of 3M privacy filters on employees’ productivity and transparency (or honesty of response) is related to their privacy orientation. The positive effect of the 3M privacy filter appears to be stronger for those who perceive privacy as very important or important to them.
  • Position seniority appears to impact the positive effect of the 3M privacy filter on employee productivity. Our results show that individuals at or above the supervisory level within their organizations are more productive than rank and file employees. In contrast, individuals below the supervisory level exhibit, on average, a higher level of transparency.

This is a small summary of the study done by 3M, for the full study click here

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