Office Supply Hacks to Organize Your Home

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Office supplies are great home organizer products! Yes, you heard me right. Office products are the organization hack nobody knew about. They provide solutions to the tangled cords, messy cupboards under the sink, scattered food storage items, cluttered make-up and hair essentials, and the list goes on. Let’s go over a couple examples to visualize the benefits and simplicity office products can offer.



  1. The magical cord un-tangler: It is so simple! Take some binder clips that fit around the side of your desk or night stand. Then slide the charging ends of the cords through the silver loop and presto! Ultimate organization! Sometime the cords can be too large to fit through the loop. In this case, take a pair of pliers and open the loop wider to fit your cord then close it to make sure the cord will not fall out.
  2. Organizing food storage: The food storage closet can look so messy with cans piled on top of each other and opened bags of rice, flour, sugar-you name it-are asking for a tip-over disaster. To solve this, take a magazine file and place your cans in the file on its side. Then start stacking your other cans horizontally. To add some fun, get some labels to decorate and write the contents of the cans! For the bag problem, your solution is our favorite, versatile-use item-the binder clip! Roll up the bags like you would a bag of chips and clip one or two binder clips on the folded seem. Voila, your risk of a sugary mess is gone!
  3. The Make-up and hair heroes: To save space and avoid messes in your bathroom drawers, we suggest a couple, simple ideas. Make-up can get everywhere, so what you need is a place that is easy to manage, separate from everything else and used only for make-up. A desk organizer is the perfect place to put your make up with compartments for brushes, eye products and face products. When you want to clean the desk organizer, take out the drawers, remove contents, wash, rinse then put it back! So easy! For hair products, use a raised or upside-down metal letter tray as a cooling rack for your recently used straightener or curling iron. This can be placed in a drawer, where you can add the hot products and keep the cords out of the way, saving space on your counter top.

It is amazing how versatile office products can be. Get your creative juices flowing by visiting to see what you can get to make your home more organized and efficient!

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