Manager Specials

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Every so often you have to make room for new inventory. The products become slightly aged and there is a new generation of the products reaching maturity. It’s the way of life for all things. But that doesn’t mean that these items have lost their usefulness. It doesn’t mean they don’s still have value. The trick is to know when to discount these products and how deeply to cut the price.

Doing a selective inventory sale is also a good way to show appreciation for your customers and give them a chance to get some good products at a better price. It’s always a good thing when you show customer appreciation. After all its why every business exists, to solve a problem or need for people.

Porter’s wants to show that we appreciate all of our customers so we are starting a new Manager’s Special list. This will be  list of items that we’ve lowered the prices on with a limited inventory available. It’s one more way we ant to show we’re serious about great service. One more way we show Blue Cow Service. So drop by our Rexburg location to see the furniture marked down for the Manager Special.


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