Blue Cow Story: The Power of Kindness

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My daughter, my mother and myself went to dinner at Sizzler. I had ordered a steak cooked medium which I intended to share with my mother who orders her steak well done. When it arrived it was cooked slightly more than medium; more to the well side like my mother likes it, still edible in my book just not “perfect pink medium”. My daughter mentioned it to our waiter but I assured him it was fine. He continued to check back on us and noticed I was not consuming my steak with gust and zeal. He notified the manager who came to our table and to whom I also said it was fine but he insisted on taking care of us on our next visit.

Here’s the rest of the story; I went up to the soup bar and my daughter went to the restroom leaving my mother alone. She snagged the waiter in our absence and asked to speak to the manager. The waiter didn’t know why she wanted to see the manager, he didn’t ask; he just went and got the manager. Upon my return the manager was there kneeling down listening to everything she had to say. He was kind, he was patient, and when I explained later away from the table what her condition was which led her to forget he had already been there and addressed our concerns he was no less kind and understanding. What a stellar pair of employees Sizzler has been blessed with.


-Contributed by Lori Bills

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