Love Your Workspace: Create a Playlist to Maximize Your Productivity

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A lot of the time, listening to music requires an active engagement that many see as distracting. It can be difficult not to pump your favorite tunes the moment you sit down at your desk, but have you considered the proof that certain types of music actually heighten productivity more than others? We found a study by MindLab International that corroborates it. So give some of these genres a try:


Classical music

If your work involves numbers, attention to detail, or math, then your accuracy may be improved by 12%! Classical music is usually instrumental and can put you in a heightened emotional state, making you more receptive to information.

Suggestions: Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky


Pop music

Pop is great for data entry and increased the speed of participants’ tasks by 58%. The steady rhythm, generally high production value and intense melodies will get you not just working, but even feeling happier!

Suggestions: Bruno Mars, CeeLo Green, Lumineers


Ambient music

Ambient is perfect for doing work, because its purpose is to put you in an atmosphere, rather than demand your mind’s active attention. This gets you into concentration mode rather than distraction mode. Great for focusing!

Suggestions: Balam Acab, Explosions in the Sky, Mako


Dance/electronic music

You can’t deny the addictive energy of electronic dance music: it’s meant to be hypnotizing. It’ll energize you, and it simply helps you work faster and gets you into the zone!

Suggestions: Tycho, Four Tet, Pretty Lights


Indie music

Indie is calming but fun. Similarly to pop, its rhythmic and melodic influences will get your body and mind engaged, speeding up your productivity and even heightening your mood.

Suggestions: Richard Swift, Summer Salt, La Femme


We hope you check out some of these recommendations and that they help you fly through your tasks. Don’t forget to take a look at Porter’s selection of headphones for solo listening and speakers for engaging the whole office!

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