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Just because you work hard in it doesn’t mean your office can’t be cozy. Splashes of color in appealing hues can make working in your home office even more enjoyable! This month, we’re featuring this At-A-Glance Color Play Wall Calendar as our favorite product, because it’s the perfect combination of fun and functional. The muted teal color, charming eyelet in wire binding for easy hanging, spacious daily blocks for notes and reminders, and full-year calendar reference along the bottom make this calendar a great choice for small business office design.


In that spirit, here are some other great ways to cozy up your office!


Painted walls: At Porter’s we’re all about choosing the right colors for your walls. Certain colors (like red and green) can really boost productivity and creativity, while others (like gray and white) can bring your energy levels down. Simply painting a single accent wall can have a huge effect on the coziness level of your home office. 


A comfy sofa: A sofa can really make all the difference to your office. Of course, you may not have enough room for large pieces of furniture, and there are alternatives as well! Check out these cozy cylinder chairs from the Blue Cow site as a casual, inviting seating option for guests.


Dim lighting: It may be easier to see with fluorescent lighting, but it can also strain your eyesight. Consider making use of soft white, dimmable lightbulbs with a cozy dimmable lamp, so you can slowly unwind in your office as the afternoon begins to end.


Area rug: Another great way to get a muted splash of color in your office is to put down an area rug—the softer, the better! 


Bookcase: Do you have easy access to your books, files, and documents? Organization can play a big part in feeling cozy and comfortable in your home office. Check out some of Blue Cow’s bookcases and armoires here!


So get excited about your home office—it’s an entrepreneur’s chance to set up a personalized, beautiful space to work.


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