Life Hacks for Working from Home

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Getting work done from the comfort of home is a dream come true for a majority of workers, but there are quite a few potential drawbacks. Only the most disciplined of workers can stay productive throughout a full work day while avoiding the additional distractions that working at home brings. There needs to be a switch in the brain that flips from “At Home” to “At Work” and creating a suitable office environment is the best tool to keep you on task and in the zone. Lighting, ergonomics, and having everything organized and near at hand are some of the main points that will transform your at home work setup into a productivity powerhouse. Included below are some of the best “life hack” products to keep you comfy and on-task as you build your business from home.

Keeping your workstation well-lit with natural lighting is the way to go. But you’re the kind of office warrior that starts early and ends late to stay ahead of the competition. Investing in a bendable LED Task Light will keep your energy bill low (at 8W) and your eyes happy. This Lorell model in particular bends up to 180 degrees and features a USB charging port in the base to charge up your smart phone or other devices on the fly. There is a dimming switch which offers three levels of light to suit whatever is needed to illuminate the task at hand. I recommend placing your home office near a window not only for the natural light, but also to eliminate the feeling that you are trapped inside. Let the view of outdoor scenery inspire you and keep mood levels high as you work.

As you glide around on your office chair, you’re going to want a mat to protect your carpet that will hold up to frequent use. This Deflect-o brand chair mat comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is fit to work well on carpets up to ½” thick. It’s environmentally friendly, scuff-resistant, and has a studded bottom to stay secure under heavy use. At 48” x 36”, it has a 12” lip to allow you to scoot closer to your desk if needed for extra mobility. Deflect-o also carries similar models that are specifically for use on hard floor surfaces or 48” by 60” if you need more space to roll around to get to every part of your workspace.

Having all important folders and documents organized and near at hand will be the biggest timesaver for your work-at-home setup. A low-profile desktop organizer with both horizontal and vertical dividers can hold your most frequently-used folders and paperwork, eliminating the stress and chaos that so quickly can dominate the workstation left unchecked. Safco brand has a 6 compartment option available (3 vertical and 3 horizontal) that’s made of 17-gauge steel with a powder-coat finish. This model has rubber feet on the bottom to protect your desktop surface and is good for storing any and all letter-size documents. Ergonomics, lighting, organization, and simplicity will all be themes to explore as you maximize productivity working from home and find the right office products to help get you there.

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