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I am getting married this coming winter and last weekend went with a few friends to look at a few wedding dresses. I didn’t really know what I was looking for and wanted to stay local, so we decided to look into The Circle of Love in downtown Rexburg.

We loved the atmosphere and feel of the bridal shop. The attendants made sure that we were taken care of but also allowed me time to try on the dresses and feel comfortable in the store. We ended up not picking a dress out that day, but still left with a great feeling about the store and how they had made us feel welcome while there.

As the wedding dress hunt became more serious, I had the opportunity to go to many other stores to look at possible dresses. I could never find what I wanted and in a few stores was very disappointed with the service. The sales associates only seemed interested in earning the commission and not truly helping me find my dress. Because of these feelings, and previously experiencing The Circle of Love, we decided to return to Rexburg and look at a few more wedding dresses at The Circle of Love.

Once again, we were treated with respect throughout our time there and were impressed with the customer service we received. I loved the small town feel of the store, yet they still had reasonable prices and an incredibly friendly staff. Happy to report, I chose a fabulous dress from The Circle of Love that made me feel radiant and perfect on my special day. I will always recommend The Circle of Love to friends and family because of how they treated me and how much they cared. They were a great example of what pristine customer service should look like.

– Submitted by Maddie Johnson

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