Blue Cow People: Cindy Hall

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I’ve been in customer service and retail for 41 years.  During this adventure, I’ve been a Receiving Manager, Cash Office Manager, Department Manager and Front End Manager.  I started with Porter’s in 1992 at Ben Franklin in St. Anthony, ID., I managed the store till we closed in 2001.  I was transferred to Porter’s Office Supply as Purchasing Manager.  In 2003 I took a leave of absence, to care for some family members.  I have recently moved back to ID. and I am currently in Accounts Payable.

I was born and raised in NJ and my husband is from WY.  We have settled down here in ID to be closer to our 2 sons and their families.  In my spare time, I enjoy crocheting, cooking and scrapbooking.  I love 70’s music and reading late at night.  Also, every now and then, I get back to the beach and ocean-for peace and tranquility.

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