Christmas Gifts: Finding the Perfect Present

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Christmas time is here! And you know what that means: fighting the crowds to find a gift for that special someone. Sometimes it can be a hassle trying to find the gift that is just right for those people who mean so much to you. Whether your person is a home-body or an avid worker, we have something for everybody.


Coffee and Brewers:

Who doesn’t like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? Check out our variety of brewers: BUNN, Coffee Pro, Mr. Coffee, and Keurig. Our Keurig machines are the biggest hit this winter, and they are at a super low price compared to competitors. These brewers will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Along with the machine, consider checking out our variety of coffee, tea, and creamers. We have different coffee brands such as Starbucks, Folgers, Doughnut Shop, and Green Mountain. We have many flavors of creamer, such as: French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Peppermint Mocha, Irish Crème, Cinnamon Vanilla Crème, and Pumpkin Spice. Give the gift of warmth this Christmas.



Calendars and Planners:

With the new year coming up, everybody has already begun searching for new planners and calendars. We have a large variety of both in many styles. Whether your friend is spunky and bright, sleek and elegant, or just simple, we have the style for them.

If you know someone who would enjoy an adult coloring calendar, you may want to check out our Botanica Design Coloring Desk Pad Calendar. We also have great fine-tip markers to go along with it.

For work, consider a planner with a fun, colorful design on the front such as this hot pink one with a paisley design or go for a more conservative planner one like this black and silver planner with a scroll design.



For Office Comfort:

It can be hard to relax in a work setting, to make the work environment a little more enjoyable, buying them a good space heater to keep warm would be delightful.

Does their back sometimes hurt because of sitting in an uncomfortable office chair all day? There are a few ways that you can help with that.

-The first option is the best: get them a new chair. A new chair with good padding and lumbar support can make all the difference. However, this option doesn’t fit most holiday budgets, so there are a couple more things you could try.

-A footrest can help solve some of the problems of sitting in an office chair all day. It helps improve circulation, and by reducing the pressure in the legs, a footrest can prevent blood clots, relieve lower back pressure, and decrease swelling.

-Another option is a heat and soothe back support to attach to the office chair. It supports the lower back and relieves pain with the heat or cold pack that slides into it. The heat pack is perfect for the cold winter days, and the cold pack is useful for the hot summer days. It’s a great year-round present.

 3office comfort


Bags and Cases:

If the person you’re buying for is female, she may need a tote for carrying around work supplies. Women love to make a change in their fashion every now and then.

Check out our business carrying cases. They are perfect for carrying anything a person would need for the office or business trips. Try a case with a handle or shoulder strap depending on preference.


Fresheners and Fancy Dispensers:

Apple and cinnamon are the perfect combination of smells during the holiday season! For a short burst of spray, we have an air freshener by Glade. For a more strong and lasting option buy this Bright Air Freshener that is a small container that you open and leave on a counter or desk.

We have a few different styles of tape and post-it note dispensers. A couple of our favorite tape dispensers are shaped like a martini glass and a flower in a vase. We also have a few others shaped like a cat, dog, and high heel.


Of course, these are only a few ideas. There are many more gift options, so feel free to browse through our website and see what you can find. Good luck on picking the perfect present this Christmas!


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