11 Office Christmas Party Ideas

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11 Office Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas time is here and that means its time to decorate the tree, hang the lights and put on your stretchy pants for the Christmas day feast. It also means that its time for the office Christmas party. I know you’re probably thinking you would rather eat fruit cake and talk to your crazy uncle than go to another office Christmas party. Here are a 11 Office Christmas Party ideas that will hopefully make this Christmas party a little bit more bearable.


Nothing brings more joy than doing service for others. Take this special time of year and get out and serve as a company. It will bring a joy to those that you serve, and it will bring even more joy to you and your team. An easy way to serve is to go volunteer at a retirement home for a few hours and play games with them, or just talk and hear what they have to say.


Another fun activity could be to go caroling. You could combine caroling with service and sing at a retirement home. If it isn’t freezing cold outside you could go caroling around a common neighborhood and bring some holiday cheer to some lucky people you choose to carol for.

Ugly Sweater Contest

Ugly Sweater

If your looking for a fun theme to shake things up this year, then this might be the one for you. You could have an ugly sweater themed party. Make it a contest so that whoever wears the ugliest sweater will win a prize. This is an easy way to bring some laughs to the party, and they make great conversation starters too.

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

A fun and potentially messy option is to have a gingerbread house decorating contest. Break off into teams if you have a large group. Give everyone thirty minutes to decorate. Once the time is up, vote on the best (or worst) and give the winners a prize. For added fun after the voting is in, you could destroy the gingerbread houses that didn’t win.

Minute to Win it Games

If you have a team that is competitive, then you might want to consider playing some minute to win it games. These games are a great way to get people out of their shells and to really get people involved in the party. It’ll also give your team a chance to be silly and have fun with a little bit of competitiveness added in. You could give out prizes to the winners of the games as well.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa

A classic Christmas party idea is Secret Santa. This is an easy way to add flavor to a Christmas party. Usually you want to set a price limit on gifts, so it is fair. Try not to make things awkward and give a weird gift. Also, if you’ve done this for the last 5 years in a row it is probably time to switch things up a bit. Start searching HERE for gifts around the office.

White Elephant

If you’ve done Secret Santa, you’ve probably done white elephant (or whatever name you call it). This is a fun game to keep people entertained for a while. If you haven’t played this is how it goes. Everyone buys a gift, and typically you would want to set a price limit for the gifts. Then you draw random numbers. The person who drew number picks a gift first. The second person has the option to pick a gift from the pot or they can steal the other persons gift. If they steal, then number one will get to a choose a new gift from the pot. This continues until all the gifts are picked. It can get a bit intense at times when there is a popular item that multiple people want. For an added twist, if someone wants to steal, they must perform a task first. For example, they must sing “I’m a little teapot” and act it out.

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts

Take this Christmas party back to elementary school. Don’t literally take it to a school, that’s weird. What you can do is make those popsicle stick crafts you made in 3rd grade again. This would be a good party to include kids at. It will be a fun night of making family crafts and creating memories. You could even hang them up on an office Christmas tree until a few days before Christmas then take them home. Click HERE for craft supplies.

Christmas Movie

Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie. Instead of a big party, just have a movie night. Provide popcorn and hot chocolate. Have everyone bring their blankets and watch a classic Christmas movie together. Its simple, fun and no drama.

Time to Shop

Give your employees what they want most for Christmas. That’s right, time off work! Give them the afternoon off to do that last-minute Christmas shopping without any kids around. Close up shop a few hours early one day or have a rotation where someone works, and someone is off, and they switch. Just do whatever works best for your company’s situation.

No Party

Last, but definitely not least. This one is pretty simple. No party at all. That’s right don’t have a party. Let your employees go home and be with their families for the holidays. They won’t have to worry about a company Christmas party for once.

We hope you find at least one of these 11 Office Christmas Party Ideas useful and you and your company can have the best Christmas party ever! Merry Christmas!

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