Who wants to be the Ultimate Garage Hero?

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“So what if your neighbors are known for their award-winning rosebushes, or that awe-inspiring display of shiny cars in the driveway? You’ll be turning more heads than a heavy-duty power screwdriver once they take a peek inside your garage.”

And that is exactly what we want- a garage that turns heads! Avery is helping all you anti-organizers out there by making getting everything together a lot LESS painful with this awesome article on Simple Tips to Become the Ultimate Garage Hero

One of our favorite products that is featured in this article are the Avery Permenant I.D. Labels -which are made to resist wear and tear and perfect for labeling anything and everything! Read the full article here and get to labeling! Have good tips or suggestions? Share them and your pictures on our Facebook– we’d love to have you!

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