When to Get a Custom Stamp

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Here at Porter’s we’re always looking for ways to make you day easier. Today let’s simplify things with custom stamps. Basically any short statement you have to hand right repeatedly should be created with a custom stamp. Not only will you be saving time but spelling errors will be cut to zero, helping to ensure a higher level of professionalism.

We’re going to address three of the most important reasons to get a custom stamp. The first common issue our customers face is prepping a large number of checks for deposit. We make a lot of deposit stamps. If you have to prep 50+ checks each business day that’s a lot of wasted time to hand write on each check. Second on our list is a signature stamp. There are some pretty obvious implications for this stamp but the one use we would like to recommend is for sending out thank you cards from the owner or president of the company. With a signature stamp you can keep the volume high on these without the unnecessary effort. And finally coming in at third in our reasons for custom stamps is a notary stamp. This is the most difficult stamp to procure but Porter’s does make them, for those extra serious moments in life.

So don’t let efficiency elude you any longer. Save time, save stress and get the necessary custom stamps for your office.

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