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What’s new in business?

Millennials! As more and more millennials are assuming management positions and becoming consumers, they are changing the way we do business. Whether is it new technology, inventive ideas, or marketing methods; everything needs to be fast-paced with instant gratification. How does this effect old businesses? The way we manage our businesses needs to change.


If you work with/ hire a lot of millennials, there is one thing that is more important to them than anything else: acceptance. They like and respond to immediate feedback of how well, or how not-so-well, they are performing their duties. They aim to please their supervisors and tend to be perfectionists, while sticking firmly to their beliefs. Millennials are very passionate about what they like and will go to great lengths to accomplish things that they believe in.


Marketing on paper used to be the way to go. To market to your millennial customers, the internet is necessary. They Google everything! Millennials do not go anywhere without their smartphones. That means, expanding your marketing to social media is a must! Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are important websites to place ads for your business. The younger generation are more likely to see it. They love virtual everything, and even Skype is more likely to be used in the workplace now than ever before.


New ideas to make work fun are constantly in motion. Whether it is checking Facebook every 20 minutes or bringing a distraction to work to get through the day, this is the most ADD generation. Doing their work on their own time table while balancing their social lives is the ideal job atmosphere for a millennial. Creating a deadline is important, but managing their time hour by hour may not go well. More and more millennials are looking for jobs/careers that they can do from home.

When hiring new employees or marketing to customers, consider these key attributes of the “new” generation. This may help control employees and grow your business.

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