What You Need To Give A Compelling Presentation

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The most effective presentations make the best use of the relationship between the presenter and the audience. Careful planning is needed in order to capture their interest, inspire their confidence, and develop their understanding. There are many tools that can make a presentation more memorable and impactful from a visual standpoint. Your main points will have more clarity and additional color to your argument with these visual tools. But remember, these supplies are no substitute for the inevitable preparation time you’ll need to put together a masterful presentation, simply an aid to help your ideas stick.

Let’s say that you have sales data from the last fiscal quarter in a PowerPoint slide up on a projector screen. You’re standing right in front of the screen, trying to avoid getting blinded by the bright, blaring colors and reaching up to point out the important bits. Don’t be this guy or gal. Be the office space pro and have a presentation pointer highlight the main points at a distance with a laser and switch slides without having to hoof it over to your computer.
When you’re brainstorming in an office meeting and want those on the other side of the conference table to see what you’re working on, you’ve got to go big. 3M Post-it Big Pads come in three square sizes, 11”, 15” and 22”, and in bright colors to grab attention. The best part? They have repositionable adhesive to stick where you please and remove without any fuss. This method presents an amazing value as an alternative to a white board presentation.

If you need to draw out your ideas for larger venues without a projector screen, you really can’t beat a dry erase board. Lorell has an aluminum frame mountable dry erase board with the best size to cost ratio at 72” wide and 48” tall. Not all dry erase boards are created equal, so make sure whatever brand you pick has an easy-to-clean surface that resists scratching and “ghosting”. Having an aluminum frame gives it the attribute of light weight, so although I wouldn’t classify this board as portable, transporting it to another presentation space wouldn’t be a hassle.

Remember that whether it’s a workplace presentation or elsewhere, we’re all hardwired to listen to stories and metaphors engage us like nothing else. The most compelling presentations take the audience on a journey and have people see the world differently. Don’t try to cover too much ground in a short presentation. Also pay attention to your tone and try your best to sound conversational. Unless you can naturally walk around during a presentation, try to move your lower body as little as possible and capitalize on hand gestures for emphasis. But most importantly, stay truly authentic to you synthroid 50 mcg.

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