Valentine’s Day: Office Party Ideas

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The holidays are over, it’s a new year, and a new celebration is right around the corner. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and showing appreciation to the one’s you love. In elementary school, you used to get a huge box of paper valentines and tape suckers on them, but how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with adults in the office?










“Best Love Story”:

Many full-time employees are married and have families. Though this contest is directed mostly towards those who are married, anyone with a significant other can play as well. Have everyone write down how the met their significant other in 1-3 paragraphs. If there are a lot of people at the party, it can be split into a few groups first. Tell them to not write their name on the paper anywhere. Have one person read all the stories and then have everyone vote for their favorite. If you have groups, take the finalists from those groups and read those off to everyone else. Whoever wins gets a prize, and maybe also give the finalists a little prize as well.


While everyone is writing down their love stories, let them fill up their stomachs. Who doesn’t love a good, traditional potluck? Everyone gets the chance to show off their cooking (or shopping) skills. Suggest that everybody try to make/bring something related to Valentine’s Day. They can use red food coloring, try to make the items heart shaped, or just use lots of sugar to make the day extra sweet. You can even make it a contest, and whoever makes the dish that is most related to the holiday wins a prize.

Candy Jars:

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that gives you an excuse to stuff your face with candy and sweets. That is why counting jars are perfect for a Valentine’s Day party. Count how many pieces of candy are in each jar, place them all on a table with a sheet of paper in front, have everyone guess how many pieces are in each jar throughout the party, and then announce the winners at the end. You can do however many you would like with a great variety of different candies.

Secret Valentine:

Like a secret Santa gift, each employee would be assigned a worker to give a gift. The gift could be anything: chocolate, a stuffed animal, or a couple basket with goodies for an employee with a spouse. Make sure each employee tries to keep their person secret and deliver their gift to their cubicle or office space when no one is looking. You may want to hand out the names a week or two before Valentine’s Day so they have time to get the gift to them before the holiday. This is a great way of spreading the love around the office!

Employee Appreciation:

To the bosses: Since this holiday is a time to show love and appreciation to those who mean a lot to you, show your workers how much you appreciate all that they do for your company. Give your workers a small note with their favorite chocolate bar, or bring donuts or brownies for everyone. If you are feeling very generous, you could even do a drawing for different prizes, and everyone will get a prize. Start with small prizes, like candy baskets. Then slowly get a little fancier with gift cards to restaurants, spa gift certificates for them plus one other, and then more expensive items such as fit bits, cameras, or even a new TV. Your workers will definitely feel your appreciation.

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