Thanksgiving Cleanup

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Snow on the ground, spice fills the air, cozy day with lots of family, and a kitchen full of dishes! That is what you get on Thanksgiving Day. It is all fun and games until you start cleaning. The kids go play, the men watch football, and the women are stuck in the kitchen to clean after a long day of cooking. Here are some things that would make cleaning a bit easier:

  1. Clean as you go: If there is one designated person who is in charge of cooking, help them out by doing the dishes in the sink. When you clean as you go, there will be less dishes to clean at the end of the day. Make sure you choose the right soap for you!
  2. Make a game for the kids and men to help: Whoever cleans the most will get a treat. Pick the treat as the likes and dislikes of every crowd is different. If you have a competitive crowd, maybe the first to clean X number of things will get dessert first. If the crowd is a bit milder, bribe them with a special surprise for the one who is most organized/clean during the day.
  3. Table cloths: After everyone is finished, instead of wasting time on cleaning the tables, buy a disposable table cloth so you can just throw it away.
  4. Lock away the animals: Everyone knows it is irresistible for small child and even some adults to feed their animals on Thanksgiving. If you put them outside or in their cage during dinner, it will eliminate the urge to feed them under the table, therefore creating less of a mess to sweep/ mop up when the day is gone.
  5. Throw away cleaning wipes: If you are worried about cross-contamination, buy some cleaning cloths that can easily be thrown away. Less time rinsing your sponge and more time chatting with family and friends.
  6. Paper plates/ Plastic utensils/Cups: This is the best idea yet. Everyone likes to have a pretty table set for thanksgiving but if you are feeding a football team maybe paper and plastic would work better for you. No worrying about if the small children will break your good china or washing 10-20 plates after dinner is over.
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