Subdivide for Better Organization

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Subdivide for Better Organization

You’ve found the folder you’re looking for. But it’s so full of paperwork that a new search begins for the specific document you want. Over time, files can accumulate a lot of paperwork. Projects, reference files and ongoing records like health or human resources files can get pretty bulky. The solution to managing the growing chaos is to use dividers and fasteners.

Create A File Within A File

The key to controlling files that contain lots of varied information is to subdivide the material into groups within the folder. Just as you use categories for different types of files, you can separate categories of papers within the file folder itself. Finding a specific document or piece of information becomes much easier.

Fasten Up For Safety And Security

Fasteners let you attach papers directly to the file folder. Punched pages stack on top of one another and are held tight by metal prongs. The pages stay in the order you put them in and won’t fall out of the folder. Many Smead folders are available with preinstalled fasteners that hold up to two inches of material. You can also add fasteners to any filing product using Self-Adhesive Fasteners.

Divide And Conquer

Fasteners in a folder create categories by using the inside panels to separate papers. Having dividers in a folder lets you define even more categories within the file. Smead products with built-in dividers include:

  • Classification Folders
  • Organizer Folders
  • Weekly Organizers
  • Project Organizers
  • Poly Three-Divider Project Jackets
  • Desk File/Sorters

You can also add more filing surfaces to most file folders using Self-Adhesive Dividers. Create folders that give you a separate filing surface for each category of material.

Divider Diversity

Sometimes you need a divider that’s got special capabilities. If you keep valuable materials in the folder that cannot be punched, such as photos, certificates, digital media or bound paperwork, choose a divider style that meets their storage requirements. Smead offers a variety of products with special purpose dividers:

  • Pocket style dividers with fasteners
  • Wallet dividers
  • Slash pocket dividers

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find specific information in a bulky folder when you organize the materials using dividers and fasteners. And your coworkers will be amazed at how smart you are when you can effortlessly locate anything in the file.


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