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Poor organization of paperwork is never more evident than in the spring, during tax season. The over- abundance of clutter at home often leads to important documents being misplaced or lost. There are a lot of good reasons to have an organizational plan for your most important papers. If something happens to you, your family will be able to easily locate your power of attorney, insurance policies, medical records, and outstanding bills. Even on an everyday basis, good organization makes it easier to pay bills on time, find receipts, and reduce tax-time stress.  Spring tax season is the most opportune time to start managing the mess. You can divide nearly all of your financial records into four categories: papers that you need to keep for the calendar year or less; ones that can be destroyed when you no longer own the items they cover; tax records, which you should save fro seven years; and papers to keep indefinitely. Keeping on top of these piles will save you time, money, and valuable resources- all key to a healthy environment. Local agencies will shred personal documents and then recycle the paper. In the end, effectively maintaining your filing means less space or storage containers, less dust, and less overall anxiety.


100% Recycled Manila Fastener Folder with Reinforced Tab

These folders make it easier to see what’s inside with a reinforced 1/2″ high tab for easy title viewing. They feature 2″ prong K-style fasteners in positions No. 1 and 3 to provide superior strength, holding large amounts of paper securely. Folders contain 100% recycled material with 30% post-consumer material. Made form 11pt. acid-free stock with 3/4″ expansion. 1/3-cut assorted. 50 folders per box. Item number: SMD19547 Click here to order!

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