Save Time with Porter’s Furniture Installation

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At this point, you probably already know about Porter’s’ fantastic selection of office furniture, featuring brands like Steelcase, HON, and more. But not only will we help you find the furniture you need, we’ll install it for you. That’s right – Extraordinary Customer Service, next-day delivery, and NO assembly required.

Your focus should be on running your business, not on assembling furniture. Think of what you could do with all the time you’ll save:

  • Meet that important deadline
  • Decorate the new office space
  • Plan a company event (spring picnic anyone?)
  • Color-code your “to-do” drawer
  • Call your mom. You know it’s been a while.
  • Play golf (we’re not here to judge)

The point is: leave the furniture to the furniture people. We’ll do what we do best, and you can focus your time on something more productive – business or otherwise!

Contact a customer service representative for more information about furniture installation and other furniture programs from Porter’s.

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